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22nd Annual Moab Arts Festival
17 Dec 2013
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Moab may have more artists-per-capita than any other town in America, certainly in Utah! Here you can find painters, potters, poets, photographers, and writers, dancers, actors, musicians and mimes. There are also jewelers, sculptors, playwrights and just about any other form of artist and art that you can think of, including body art! The Moab Artist Directory has identified over 200 practicing artists (almost 2.5% of the county population) and the number keeps on growing.


Well before Moab was founded, the people of the Fremont and Anasazi cultures practiced their own forms of art. Rock art, in the form of petroglyphs and pictographs, are found at hundreds of sites within a short radius of Moab. Combined with the art forms of the early pioneers and the thriving arts community of today, Moab has nurtured creativity for eons.



Supporting and complimenting the work of resident artists is a growing number of businesses who sell artwork. There are several fine art galleries, 3 bookstores and a host of other businesses who display local artists work.


The annual Moab Arts Festival is held in May of each year.

This event is featured on the Year of the Rural Arts Calendar of Events. For more information on the Year of the Rural Arts, visit www.artoftherural.org

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