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Midsommar at Dalesburg
18 Dec 2013
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Midsommar at Dalesburg takes place in June at Dalesburg Lutheran Church, north of Vermillion, South Dakota.

The festival is the 145th celebration at the church and is a joint effort of three traditionally Swedish rural churches in the area: Dalesburg Lutheran, Dalesburg Baptist and Komstad Covenant.



The festival dates back into the late 1860s, when settlers from Dalarna County of Sweden came to Dakota Territory, to the area that is now Southeastern South Dakota. These pioneer families started a Midsommar celebration tradition, based on the festival in Sweden.

The past festivals have included musicians; Viking re-enactors, a regional Norwegian chorus, a Viking ship, a savory homemade Scandinavian smorgasbord and homemade pie.



One of the festival highlights is the homemade Smorgasbord featuring ethnic specialties like meatballs, potatis korv, fruit soup and more.


Dalesburg Lutheran Church is 12 miles north of Vermillion on the University Road.


The churches end the celebration with a community worship service at Dalesburg Lutheran, featuring the the Community Choir.

This event is featured on the Year of the Rural Arts Calendar of Events. For more information on the Year of the Rural Arts, visit www.artoftherural.org

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