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Life by the River, Sandra Aidon, Shelley Pisani, Julie Appo, Curtis Zealey, Indigenous Primary Schoo
4 Feb 2014
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Created in 2003 as a component of the Burnett River Parklands Walkway. The mural was produced by Julie Appo and Curtis Zealey along with Sandra Aidon and Shelley Pisani from the Bundaberg Arts Centre, based on a combined story written by the students involved in the project and the symbols they have painted.

Symbols which were drawn by the children were from the Burnett River, indigenous painted "River Rocks", which were moved from the river when the weir was built. The design and artworks were from workshops with the children, connecting to the Burnett River. The students names are on a plaque beside the mosaic in the Burnett River Walkway.

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