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Ceratodus, John Distler Olsen
4 Feb 2014
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Created in 2003 of recycled materials, as one of the public art works Commissioned by Bundaberg City Council as part of their Sculpture Project in Stage One of the Burnett Riverside Parklands.

John decided to express his interest in the streetscape, as looking at objects over the years he thought he would like to leave something of himself behind. Ceratodus is John's first public art piece, it is a native to the area and lent it's self to using materials from the local. John prefers sculptural forms in mixed mediums, metal, stone, wood, steel. John feels every area has a preference to the types of art it embraces. But the Ceratodus is completely Bundaberg. It is a conceptual skeletal form, better known as a Lungfish. John has combined his technical sculpting abilities with his knowledge as a local fisherman.



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