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"Thought Provoking" Blatantly Obvious
11 Feb 2014
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Blatanly Obvious is a series of commercially signs erected in the Bundaberg CBD with text/ images that challenge their traditional purposes. It is a Public Art project developed by Catherine Smith and funded by Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts development Fund and the former Bundaberg City Council in 2008.

9 works, consisting of both text and images, challenge the traditional purposes of signs and their expected viewpoints. Sited in purposely chosen locations in the main CBD area, these messages about contemporary life impart a commentary. Each is open to interpretation and this invites the audience to interact with the works in open discourse. Read the obvious and find the subtext.

Catherine came to Bundaberg in 2007 to teach Visual Arts at Bundaberg State High School. She relocate dto Brisbane to take up the position of Senior Arts Teacher at Alexandra Hills State High School. In addition to undertaking full time employment as a Teacher Catherine also undertakes her visual art practice from her studio at Wynnum.






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