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Rust To Green Initiative in Utica NY
19 Feb 2014
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R2G’s Action Research Process R2G NY uses participatory action research and place based design and planning methods which are, in and of themselves, “asset” building. Such approaches create scaffolding for democratic engagement, experimentation and innovative decision-making and action and are consistent with the fundamental concepts of sustainability: public engagement, transparency, ecological democracy and “green governance”.


Our work is framed by specific theories and practices, but is unbounded by our specializations and disciplines. We feel that one of the greatest contributions we can make is to play a role in knitting together, cultivating and mounting actions across scales and arenas. Different people, skill-sets, knowledge, research and action is needed for every project and through collaborative efforts we strengthen our ability to problem-solve, innovate and capacity build while connecting solutions to real places and contexts.  Therefore, R2G’s work is as much concerned with the processes that generate and foster resilience and sustainability as it is with its actionable projects and products.

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