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Wafrica Summer School Program and Facilitator Training - Wagga Wagga
1 Jan 2014
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The dLab team loves working with our partners at Wafrica in Wagga Wagga and this time around was no different.

dLab facilitator Yenny Huber worked closely with nine people of varying backgrounds including local youth workers, young artists, some elders and other community workers at the facilitator training. 

Initial discussions involved an explaination of the dLux ethos which resulted in a brainstorming session wtih those present sharing their experiences and knowledge, encouraging connections among the group members.

Yenny then moved on to the practical side of the training that focused on photography, the use of light and cameras, iPads, apps and simple stop motion animation techniques. The elders, in particular, were especially responsive to the idea of digital storytelling and best practice methods.

The following few days saw Yenny collaborating closely with the Wafrica youth with whom she worked on creative storytelling. She had the kids interviewing each other and their teachers at the summer school and editing their footage and Yenny loved seeing how passionate and pround they were of their stories.

Day five saw a move away from the technology side of things, to a science based art focus; lumen printing. Working outdoors and away from the computers made for a productive day and participants were amazed with the outcomes of something they had never done before.

The residency was capped off with a Channel 7 news crew doing a piece on the activities and were very interested in the dLab program, especially our combinaiton of old and new technologies as well as our exploration of the sciences.  


Wafrica is an organisation that represents the myriad African cultures living in Wagga Wagga. They are concerned with creating connections between these African communities with other groups living in the city.

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