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59 Amory Street
15 Jun 2004
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This is a vacant property owned by Amory LLC. I know nothing about the sale of the building, but I believe it was pre-2009. Many artists lived here. 

One of the artists was named Kirsten Malone (aka Lady K). RIP 1975-2004. She was amazing. Here is some of her work: http://love_resume.tripod.com/ and a memorium for her http://www.bigredandshiny.com/cgi-bin/BRS.cgi?section=news&issue=25&article=EDITOR_KIRSTEN_MALONE_REMEMBERED_6251344

Also, my friend Brooke lived further down the corridor... at Brookside and Cornwall. She survived the gentrification of the 80s and 90s (a landlord tried to get rid of her in spite of the fact she and many other artists were allowed to squat there, in exchange for doing work on the building.) They finally paid her and another friend $40k to leave, although this figure is a joke compared to what he made. 

The story has a happy ending. The next place Brooke moved to was a former factory (silver plating or fans?) and the artists banded together and were successful in fighting the building owner. Not only did they win the suit, but the City of Boston helped them with over $1M to help them renovate and buy the units.

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