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The Stoop - over 40 years
1 Jan 1980
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Steve has spent the better part of his life living in this building. Now at 78 years of age, blind and unlikely to find affordable living in the neighbourhood, he might have to leave his stoop indefinitely.... but it's not just 'the blind guy' that will be evicted - his thriving arts organisation which utilises his space will dissipate as well. 

During his time on the lower east side, Steve has been a permanent fixture of the literary art scene. He was a leader in the Black Arts movement (Umbra Magazine) and the revival of poetry/spoken word (Nuyorican Poet's Cafe). 

The Stoop became a well known hang out for poets and artists of all ages and ethnicities - both informally on a Summer's evening and formally through workshops organised between Steve and Bob Holman. 

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