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Walking Avenue D: East Village
4 Mar 2014
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*warning* very shakey camera - avoid if you get nauseous easily!

However if you feel you can tolerate the walk - it begins at 9th Street on Avenue D and continues all the way down to 3rd Street. 

Not that long ago Avenue D was not so safe - squatters, drug dealers... you get the gist. But now:

See if you can catch all the different types of people that walk past, and the occasional interaction with the camera. The people are colourful and friendly! 

There is also the sound of construction everywhere - at one point we see some condo rennovations underway. 

We also walk past 101 Arabella - a newish housing complex where flashy apartments have rent prices through the roof! Juxtapose that with the low income housing across the street.. it all just feels a little bizarre. 

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