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How to Post a Story to PlaceStories
6 Mar 2014
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1. Go to our class 'Project' home page.
2. Click on the 'Stories' link on the left menu.
3. All existing stories in our class will pop up. All the way to the right on the menu at the top of the Stories section is a dropdown titled 'Add a Story.' Click on this, then click 'Create a Story.'
4. You'll be given options to post different media as a story. If your story will be just text, I'd recommend Notebook or PDF file (if you've written it in some other form and created a PDF). Scroll down for the audio and video options I've mentioned before.
5.   IMPORTANT! Go to the "Publishing and Tags" setting option and click "Public." Otherwise, I won't be able to see your story (only you will).
6. Click 'Done.'
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