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1422 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, IL
1 Sep 2013
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Forman residence, 1982 - 2013. The final property (and second Victorian to be demolished) on the CAPA designed development plan that started with Tom's design at 1414 Hinman. Instead, plans canged, and this once student boarding house converted into a family home for Tom, his wife Teresa and their children; Aaron, Barbara, and Colin - plus an albino cat, Claudius, who refused to move and was never seen again.

As Evanston became a little more conservative and rigid with the rise of the downtown condos and Northwestern expanding the Forman house hung in the shadows on Hinman and became a place of rest, relaxation, and reflection.

Tom may have let the yard in his old Victorian go beyond the city code and to the neighbors on the condo's he had helped constructed wishes, but was the first person on the block with his snow shovel making sure the walkway in front of the house was clear for those walking by all to wonder what was going on in that house? - and for those who knew, all they had to do was say hello and know that they would be offered to come in, have a seat, take a drink, and visit for a while.

Tom lived here until a month before his death.

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