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P Culture bringin the Hip
7 Sep 2010
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Hey Hey

In an effort to bolster appeal and overall level of engagement for our audience (9-12 year olds), we thought we would mix up the 3min permaculture infoformat and throw in a little bit of hiphop...approximately 10secs worth to be exact. Might not seem like alot but we reackon it just the right amount to add that spice for our younger audience.  Meet Sianna, a crazy, extravegent and elegent (hmm maybe not...)  permaculture enthusiast studying a Certificate IV in Permaculture.  Not only is she obsessed about looking after mother earth but she's also a lyrcial genius busting the freestylez like theres no tomorrow.....but for now you'll just have to take my word for it....vidz to come soon !




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