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The Blackleg Miner
24 Apr 2014
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Artist/ Performer: Lynn DennettSongwriter: traditional
Date of Recording: 1988
Location: Sheffield, England
Source of Recording: "From the Shadows of Power" documentary directed by Jean Donohue
Historical significance & context: Blackleg Miner is a traditional English folk song that emerged in the 19th century. The song was both a warning and a plea to strike breakers in Britain's coal fields.  The blackleg miner is essentially another term for a “scab” or strikebreaker. While most of the song discusses union miner’s uncompromising stance against strike breakers, the last verse calls for the strike breakers to join the union’s cause. The song mostlikely originated in the northern English county of Northumberland and was later used as a protest song during the Welsh strikes of the mid-1980s.



Blackleg Coal Miner Scab Strike UK
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