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17 Sep 2010
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On the 13th of October each year we gather at the Miners Memorial to remember the 26 men who have perished in 'the winning of coal' on the Collinsville coal fields since organised mining first began there in 1919. The significance of October 13th is that in 1954 Collinsville experienced its blackest day, when seven men died in a carbon dioxide (CO2) outburst at the State Mine No.1 tunnel. We must never lose sight of the fact that the death of one miner is no less tragic than the disaster that occurred on that catastrophic day. We gather there not only as a group of miners past and present, but as a community united in grief of the loss of human life. Those of us, who have worked in the mining industry, have inherently accepted the risk of injury and death to be a consequential reality of past mining practices. Today that is not acceptable. "During the presentation of the replica lights by representatives of the Youth Coalition, we ask that as each miners name is read out a member of the man's family immediately come forward to accept the light to place at the base of the Miners' Statue."

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