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True Commitment: An Exploration of Culture through Media Arts
7 May 2014
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The dLux team has the privilege of working with people across a wide range of demographics and backgrounds. Vicky and Beyola, two young women born in South Sudan, remind us why we run the dLab National Program.

During several residencies in Wagga Wagga Yenny, our artist facilitator, has been working closely with the aspiring collaborators and earlier this month dLux staff member, Jo, had the chance to hear more about their ongoing African Portraiture project. 

The young women have enjoyed being part of the programs run through dLab’s partnership with Centacare. Vicky and Beyola have been involved through Centacare initiatives KNECT (Kids Need Extra Care Too) and Wafrica (the Wagga Wagga African Association) respectfully.

The workshops have allowed the two to increase their learning capacity and are continually building upon their interests by giving them the opportunity to explore digital media and technology.

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