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Considering Living in Spain? – Three reasons to go and three reasons not to
13 May 2014
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Author Paul Allen offers a brief yet fulfilling comparison and contrasting between reasons to move to Spain and reasons to stay in America. I think this is a great aritcle that touches precisely on the good and bad of affects of Spanish living.

 Reasons to go:

1. Leisure -  A big part of Spain’s attraction can be summed up in one word: sunshine. And with so much sunshine and reasonable year-round temperatures come opportunities for an outdoors, and prospectively more healthy, lifestyle. For one, getting sufficient exposure to sunlight – and its daily dose of vitamin D – is crucial in maintaining physical and mental health, since deficiencies are associated with various problems including bone disease, immune system dysfunction and depression.

 2. Cultural Riches -While merely a bit player on the world stage throughout the twentieth century – the result of economic depression, the Rivera military dictatorship, civil war, and international isolation under General Franco – Spain has a long and glorious past that has seen it be both a valuable colony of other rulers and a world dominating empire in its own right. And while such glory days may be a distant memory, the country has been left with a wealth of history and culture.

3. Way of Life - We’ve all heard about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, with its emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, olive oil, and that particular favorite, red wine. And if the Spanish government gets its way, it will even be added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List as an exemplar to be promoted throughout the world. Certainly the number of sprightly grey-haired people to be found strolling around any Spanish town or city suggests there is something in it (although that also may be due to the high quality of healthcare services to be found). And with the cost of food and wine comparing favorably to many other developed nations, any new arrival will no doubt find the diet easy to observe.

Reasons not to go:

 1. Property Woes - The term overdevelopment could have been coined for Spain, particularly on its much maligned coasts. Each property boom sees its wave of speculative construction, and a mass of hotels, villas, housing communities and apartment blocks spring up on every scrap of spare land. Then the bottom falls out of the market and the carcasses of abandoned projects are left to fester until the next upturn comes along.

2. Timekeeping- While in Cádiz several years back a tourist information official warned me that only two things happen when they say they’re going to in Spain: the first is the kick-off at soccer matches, and the second the start of the bullfights.

3. Cavalier Attitudes -For a country with such a manifest love of family, and especially children, and one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates, one would expect the Spanish to have a somewhat cautious approach to danger and health risks. Certainly when it comes to issues such as gun crime and murders per capita it is indeed a comparatively safe place. Yet in other areas there seems to be a willful disregard among the Spanish for their own wellbeing.

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