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Kindy Ninja Knitters?
23 May 2014
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Lead Childcare at Bargara were yarn bombed by the Ninja Knitters last night!! Here's some of their comments: Everybody was very excited and somewhat perplexed as to what the knitted items were doing at our Kindy, lots of discussion and investigating, this is what we had to say:
Lucas: "spiderweb wheels" - Jaylen: "it's made from spider webs!"

Amazingly throughout the day more knitted items started appearing...we had been visited by the "Kindy Knitting Ninjas"! Marissa even sang a song: "we are the kindy knitting ninjas!!" This experience also led to a discussion on where wool comes from, Lincoln said "wool comes from sheep." and Grace added "you use sharp things to get the wool off the sheep."

Thank you so much to the Ninja Knitters for visiting us and including us in the project "Knit up a Storm."
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