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Ice Ice Baby
5 Jun 2014
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As a local resident for over 15 years, I've had many experiences of this lovely centre in its old and new forms. My daughter attended kids' circus classes here, I've been to concerts here, but my most treasured memory relating to FCAC is not about art, it's about life. This is a still, taken from video of people dancing at the Happy River Cafe. The people are two of my younger brothers, and my sister. The view through the window is looking across the Maribyrnong River to the docks. The night was my 40th birthday party.The song was Ice, Ice Baby. Getting down on the right is my brother John. I can't tell you how out of character it seemed for John, a Sonic Youth fan, to be treading the boards to Vanilla Ice, and how much it amused the rest of us. John passed away suddenly, 2 years later, and this is one of my favourite memories of him: boogeying to Ice, Ice, Baby at FCAC. x
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