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Fellowship adventures in swinging London
7 Oct 2010

I am currently in London having just finished my Lord Mayor's Fellowship project. From April - August I worked with LIFT - London International Festival of Theatre on the delivery of the 2010 festival. It was a fantastic year to be involved, and the festival had events that spanned London. This meant I was involved with shows at some of London's most well known venues like the National Theatre, the Barbican, Riverside Studios, The Southbank Centre and The ICA. My main project during LIFT was acting as the local coordinator for Haircuts by Children by Canadian Artists Mammalian Diving Reflex. This project involved running workshops on cutting hair with 20 children, all 8-10 years old, and then setting them loose on adult customers in a swanky professional salon in Shoreditch for a unique participatory piece of theatre. The event was really fantastic and a lot of fun. Also as part of my fellowship I met with a number of Producers and Programmers at some of London's most interesting venues and orgs. I have had very interesting chats about the present and future of programming with the likes of The National Theatre, The Barbican, Battersea Arts Centre, Arts Admin, Spill Festival, Forest Fringe and more. During my time in the northern hemisphere I also attended the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow, and Edinburgh Fringe. What a blast it's all been!

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