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Cambridge to Cape York
9 Oct 2010

I undertook my fellowship earlier this year - travelling to Italy, Ireland and the UK to investigate best practice methods of engaging children in the arts. I attended the Reggio Emilia International Summer School in Reggio Emilia, met up with La Baracca Theatre Company in Bologna and The Ark in Dublin, Baboro International Arts Festival for Children in Galway and presented a paper on current practices in Australia at Cambridge University. On my return, I've run several residencies in far north Queensland for children from ages 4 - 11. The beautiful painting on my postcard was created by a prep student from Cairns as part of this project. The fellowship gave me the room for new ideas.. and consolidated some old ones - all in the setting of a european summer. Thank you very much to Brisbane City Council for valuing the work and development of young artists in this city.

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