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Reflection on ITAC2 Consultation
23 Jun 2014
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You might be interested to read this reflection by Jade Lillie on our ITAC2 consultation hosted by Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Footscray Community Arts Centre was delighted to host the Melbourne Teaching Artist Forum on Thursday, 21 May. Facilitated by Eric Booth and Judith McLean the forum the forum attracted more than 40 teaching artists and was a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into international trends and share the on-the-ground experiences of everyone attending.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Eric Booth presented a range of insights into some best practice models and trends developing globally. Defining a Teacher Artist as a practitioner who ‘chooses and develops skills and habits of mind of an educator to achieve a wide variety of learning goals with a wide variety of leaners’, Eric went on to present case studies of best practice programs in Venezuela and South Korea, where over 4700 teaching artists as a social development investment.

Having recently been appointed as the Chair for Arts Education with QPAC and QUT, Judith was the convenor for the ITAC workshop and was able to position Eric’s work clearly in an Australian context.

Both Eric and Judith are considered to be leaders in, and advocates for, the teaching artist sector both in Australia and internationally. 

As a community-engaged, contemporary arts and learning space, Footscray Community Arts Centre welcomed the workshop as a lead in activity to the ITAC conference in Brisbane 1 – 3 July 2014.  FCAC Director and CEO, Jade Lillie will deliver both a response to keynote by Amandina Lihamba (Africa) and a 40 minute Illustration of Practice (IoP) about her experience as a teaching artist working in SE Asia with organisations working in a human right context.

Following are some reflections from participants in the forum:

‘Recently I attended the Teaching Artist’s Forum in Melbourne facilitated by Eric Booth. Eric was engaging, dynamic and funny. His ideas were both provocative and practical and as a teaching artist having an opportunity for lively discussion with my peers about the work is invaluable. I came away with a handful of great ideas and felt inspired by his commitment to change lives through teaching artistry.’ Jo Trevathan, Western Edge Youth Theatre   

‘The Teaching Artist Forum was a fantastic forum for an emerging design artist like myself, to grasp the full extent of what it means to work with and in a school. The essence of the forum for me is the heart to learn - making learning a habit and bringing out the spirit of learning that differs a teaching artist to a school teacher.’  Jennifer Tran, Cultural and Community Designer

‘It is rare for us to find appropriate professional development for The Song Room’s Programs team.   The Teaching Artist Forum held at FCAC provided us with such an opportunity for discussion, reflection and big picture thinking.   

Altogether nine of us attended including three Teaching Artists.  Notes we made on the day will go to our wider team of Teaching Artists around the country.

I would like to take up the baton and provide another opportunity – perhaps towards the end of the year for all Teaching Artists to get together.  We need to build momentum from the forum so that Teaching Artists become more visible and achieve greater recognition for the significant work they do in our society.’   Deborah Nicolson, The Song Room

‘As a community activist, artist and primary school teacher, the Teaching Artists forum with Eric Booth affirmed all the central beliefs I hold dear about the ways in which a healthy vibrant diverse community and thus broader society is manifested, maintained and actualized. To heal the damage and seperation a western capitalistic paradigm has wrought on our society we must reconnect to the source of what it is to co create on this earth. This is the essence of what sustainability means for me.’ Madeline Hudson, The Zucchini Clan

‘Judith and Eric’s engaging delivery of the role and history of teaching artists in the USA gave me a sense of what is possible in this field in Australia if we can unite as a coherent group. Identifying what we share as teaching artists took us along this path.’ Lindsay Cox, Teaching Artist

Academic Researcher Teaching Artist
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Dave Sudmalis Tue, 24 Jun 2014 7:07pm

Both Eric and Judith have that authentic sense of enthusiasm and passion that comes from many years of strategic and genuine cross-sector engagement. I am looking forwad to the revelations of ITAC2!