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FCAC: A place to dream
23 Jun 2014
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I had not really spent any time at FCAC prior to becoming the Director and CEO. Apart from a short visit in 2010, FCAC programs were not familiar to me. When arrived for my first day on 15 October 2012, I was greeted by the beautiful, incredible place that had been redeveloped into the community engaged, contemporary art centre that I have come to know and love. FCAC is a place to create, express, discover, share, develop, make and explore. It is a place to dream about what Australia is and can be. It is a place for communities and a place for artists to collaborate. This photo was taken in front of the newly branded container at FCAC in February 2014 when we were discussing a new project in Yogyakarta - FCACheartsJOGJA.

Left to right - Marnie Badham (Centre for Cultural Partnerships), Bo Svoronos (FCAC), Grace Vanilau (Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival - CPAF), Ferdi Thajib (Kunci Cultural Studies Centre, Yogya), Jade Lillie (FCAC), Alia Gabres (FCAC), Jacob Tolo (CPAF)

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