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The show with the extravagant name
26 Jun 2014
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This is a photo taken during the one and only performance of Things That Fall Over: an anti-musical of a novel inside a reading of a play, with footnotes, and oratorio-as-coda. In the image you can see Tracy Bourne, as Mannie McKenzie, leading a song, as the Sisters of the Cloister of St Christabel and St Germaine, fresh from aquarobics, march about with noodles, dumbbells and floatation aids, singing their hearts out. The image captures some of the madness and chaos and ambition of this show, which found a home at FCAC when it seemed like no-one else wanted it, or could ever begin to understand what it was. Working at FCAC to deliver this project for International Women's Day 2014 was a gift to me as writer, producer and co-director of this triathlon for performance. I felt that I had found my artistic family, and my cultural home.
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