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Feral Arts - ITAC 2 IOP - The Art of Connectedness
27 Jun 2014
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The Art of Connectedness – building a digital platform for the community arts and cultural development sector. Whilst it is clear that a sector as diverse, geographically dispersed and technologically savvy as community arts and cultural development has much to gain from being better connected, the benefits of digital technologies and the social media revolution are largely yet to be realised. The Art of Connectedness will explore the theory, practice and politics of digital connectivity in community arts and cultural development sector in Australia. We will reflect on the outcomes of a series of projects undertaken by Feral Arts over the last five years each exploring different ways the sector can better communicate and collaborate online. We will share key outcomes from this body of work and outline how it has influenced our current project to build a national digital platform and knowledgebase for the sector as part of the Australia Council’s National Sector Development Initiative. The Art of Connectedness responds to ITAC2 Theme 3 – Teaching Artists and the Digital Future - as well as the broader conference goals to advance the global teaching artists movement by developing new flows of information and knowledge exchange.

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