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Music Hive Revisited
28 Jun 2014
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From its early beginnings in 1985, through work at the Midway Migrant Hostel in Footscray, and led by the then FCAC Multicultural Arts Officer, Carmen Grostal, and Music Coordinator Gillian Harrison - musicians, both professional and amateur came to access instruments and rehearsal space and Music Hive was established.  FCAC became a base for cultural contacts and advice for the diverse artists in the community.

" Developing a broader basis for the arts is not the afterthought of community arts. It is essential to the Australia condition. For us, the only hope is for the arts to become part of the everyday lives of a majority and not a minority of people."
- Bower, 1980; Ros Bower was the first Director of the Australia Councils Community Arts Board. 


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