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Using Artistic Experience to Develop A Growth Mindset in Adolescents
7 Jan 2014
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Government and other institutions have identified a need for educational reform as a response to the growing youth unemployment problem; despite this demographic including a significant percentage of university graduates. Generally, this has been addressed by pushing for a ‘back to basics’ approach, with priority given to Maths, Science and Technology with a severe reduction in opportunities for participation in the arts. This illustration of practice identifies and argues for artistic practice as an elemental component of education for creativity and innovation in the twenty-first century. In doing so, it draws from literature pertaining to the development of creativity, the neuroscience of adolescence and the need for social change; combined with anecdotal evidence from practical experience. The discussion addresses: a) artistic experience to develop the right side of the brain for improved innovation, self-awareness and tolerance; b) practical examples from painting, drawing and image manipulation workshops and c) the role of the teaching artist to augment a creative deficit within many western education systems and the community as a whole.  


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