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145 Redfern Street
1 Jul 2014
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Warlock Chambers is Redfern Street it is nice and pretty and a warlock lived there. His name was Merlin the 100th. He was 45 years old and brilliant at potions. The house was black and she has the latest materials. She was very vain. The warlock did magic and potions everyday cakes, boots, gloves and rubbers but nothing to make her more beautiful. The house asked and asked and asked- the answer was always no.  Then one day a building a few doors down was completed. The warlock told his house how beautiful (she) the new house was. She started shouting.  The next day the warlock was gone. Time passed by and she had 5 owners.  Even now, she still hopes the warlock will walk down the street aged 145.

By Zoe

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