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1 Jul 2014
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Tim Bishop, at first glance, appears to be your average citizen. He has had many careers, his favourite being stage performing & primary school teaching. But behind his brown eyes & hair, Tim is devoted to making equality among cultures a reality.

He was one of three people who set up the Koori Radio Station. A station devoted to giving Aboriginal people of Australia a voice to respond to the, often incorrect statements, made by politicians and white residents of Australia. Starting from very humble beginnings, only being allowed to operate for one month at a time, it took the Koori Radio Station a long time to be granted a license to become a regular radio station that was allowed to advertise and play songs from certain bands to help fund itself. This was one of his first pro-indigenous endeavours.


Unlike many of his European kin, Tim clings to the firm belief that all humans should be of equal standing and deserve equal rights.

By Marcus

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