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'Pedagogies for Little Audiences' - PowerPoint Presentation
1 Jul 2014
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'Pedagogies for Little Audiences'
An Illustration of Practice
prepared for the Second International Teaching Artist Conference

"Pedagogies for Little Audiences" is an illustration of practice which reflects upon learning gained through working with audiences in rural settings and amateur community music making organisations in country Queensland. The presentation will highlight four practiced and successful pedagogies for engaging and valuing children as active audience members and developing their capabilities as individual listeners within the classical music concert hall.

The pedagogies are underpinned by recent phenomenological research into the experiences and practices of audiences combined with music education and sociological theories, and cultural history. Key theories include 'musicking', 'praxial education' and 'communities of practice' models. These theoretical lenses are used to view arts development with children in a unique light which situates arts organisations as both teacher and artist, able to bring about change and greater audience engagement.

The presentation will seek to equip participants with practical tools and pedagogies which enrich the rural classical music concert hall as a learning context for children and community music making organisations.
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