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Plain Jane - Primary Dance Incursion
1 Jul 2014
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Plain Jane is a contemporary dance performance created in 2014 for Primary School Audiences.

This work was a "back to our roots" project for Buzz Dance Theatre. In the early years of our company we spent much of our time touring performances to primary schools in Perth Western Australia. In recent years our focus moved to Secondary audiences (theatre venue based) and we wanted to recapture what worked well in the past for us and our audiences in the Primary School Sector.

With the help of a dedicated private donor Plain Jane was created. This work features two contemporary dancers and a cellist. The work is meant to be experienced up close. We wanted to give the students the experience of watching dance in a visceral and real way similar to what you experience when watching dance in a studio setting. Plain Jane tells the story of a young girl who is weighed down by society's ideas of femininity. It address themes of self-identity, peer pressure, and individuality. The work runs for 20 minutes and is followed by dance workshops that address the dance content both thematically and technically (repertoire).

Plain Jane was performed for Primary schools and community groups in May this year and will enjoy a second life in October with a second tour funded by the City of Joondalup.

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