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Cafe Ella
9 Jul 2014
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Hi my name is Hugo. I like to be called Harriffan because that’s my nickname. I go to Darlington Public School, I’m 11 years old and I’m in year 5. I live on Abercrombie Street in Darlington. And as you probably already know the postcode’s 2008. My family has owned a café in Darlington for 17 years. It is called Café Ella. It started where Café Abercrombie is now and is owned by my dad. He got kicked out a few years ago and now we have another premises, the present day Café Ella which you may know, either by the zombie nerd milkshake or the coffee. Coincidently, I invented the zombie nerd milkshake. I got the name from a book, but I made the recipe myself. It is made of raspberries, they look like brains when they’re put in the blender, ice cream, milk, chocolate topping and vanilla topping, put that in the blender and it’s delicious. It is an official menu item and it got into a Chinese magazine about Sydney Cafes. Basically, Café Ella is a very big part of my life, because I spend a fair bit of time there. Because we actually, the premises is actually owned by us. Café Abercrombie when we owned it was just rented out, but we own the present Café that is called Café Ella. Ella is not named after anyone. Coincidently, in Greek it means Café come here. I am half Greek. I spent a lot of time after school at Charles Kernan Reserve; if you’re from Darlington Public School you probably go there a lot. A lot of Darlington kids go there. They go there and play games like off ground tips, which is a game where, it’s like tips but you can’t go on the main ground, you have to go off ground, like raised bricks or benches or something, you can’t touch the ground. If two raised bricks or fences are very far apart you can take a few steps but you can only take a limited number. Otherwise, and if you touch the ground, if you take too many steps you’re the next in. You’re automatically in and the person that was in before is not in. I play it a fair bit. My friends Nick also goes to the park, he is around my age and he’s in my class at Darlington Public School. He invented off ground tips when he lived in Wangaratta. He called it off ground tiggy, which I prefer to call it but he called it off ground tips because that’s what tips is called here.

- Hugo

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