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9 Jul 2014
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Hello my name is Sebastian, today on the way to school I saw two Ferraris’, one was yellow, one was black. I saw the yellow one in Elizabeth Street, just past the George Hotel. The black one I saw on the corner of Botany Road. Both were driving on the road, I wish they were in a street race. Every year at Christmas there is a party that allows you to go in a red vintage Ferrari that goes heaps fast. The engine is a building up noise that makes me want to put my foot on the escalator and go full speed. But I am only a passenger. One day I would like a Ferrari and paint it black. If you want to test-drive a Ferrari you have to pay the insurance first. My plan to learn to drive is save up money and find a private instructor. To save the money I’ll get a job at McDonalds. If I earn $8/hour and work 8 hours a day, I’ll earn $64 each day. I can afford a Ferrari.

- Sebastian

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