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9 Jul 2014
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Hello my name is Joshua and I’ll be talking about my favourite place. My favourite place is Perry Park; I place baseball at Perry Park. I train there and play games. It’s my home ground. Some of the kids from Alexandria Park Community School also play in the team. My position in baseball is I am the catcher. I stand behind the batter and catch the balls when the pitcher throws them. It’s very hard because I can get hurt. I wear armor; I wear a helmet, some paddings and chest armor. It weighs me down, so. My team is a good team. A lot of spirit is in the team but we don’t really win, but that’s okay. One game where we really showed spirit, it was last week when we showed the most spirit. What happened It happened like this, then we won 5-3. Perry Park is on Bourke Rd where the city of Basketball Association is. I’ve been playing baseball for two years. I play in a team called the Redfern Red Sox. Perry Park is the home ground. I train every Wednesday and I play matches every Saturday. The team has fifteen people in the team.  Last year a kid called AJ was in our team but then he moved to under fourteens. But sometimes if mum lets me we go to McDonald’s. Once I was batting and I got hit in the leg by the ball and nearly got hit in the head too. When I got hit in the leg I did get a bruise but I was allowed to go to first base.


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