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My Favourite Kebab Shop
9 Jul 2014
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Hello, my name is Justin; when I go to school I usually stop at a shop that sells kebabs. The shop near Henderson Road sells kebabs, hot chips, packets of chips, ice cream, donuts and more. I buy a kebab and sometimes a drink. It is special because it is close to my house. Then there’s a shop near the school, it is special because it sells food like a supermarket. I sometimes see some high school people.  I like kebabs because it tastes like it’s the best kebab in the world. Also I see a roads a big road but there aren’t any cars I see passing through. Also when I walk home from school I sometimes I see a post card office. And when I have finish buying at the kebab shop I feel lonely because barely any cars pass through.



I also worked on the Redfern lift project. My class helped because some people came in and asked for us to help on the project for people with disabilities.

- Justin

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