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Things I like to do
9 Jul 2014
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My name is Intan, I’m in 6th class and my school is Alexandria Park Community School and my age is 11. My favourite place is Redfern Park. I live in Cooper Street. The Reason I like Redfern Park is because my sister’s friend go to the park. We sometimes just chat and her friends are too funny to talk to. Sometimes I tell my friend to come over to Redfern Park to play. Me and my friend and my sisters friends sometimes go to Campsie to get some ice-cream and we love eating Snow Monkey and Yoygar bear. The reason we love eating Snow Monkey and Yoygar bear is because you can choose what you like and you could put some candy and chocolate and lollies. But mainly there are boring shopping centers in Campsie. During Sunday my sister and I go to East Gardens to shop around. My favourite shop in East Gardens is Ice, Kmart, Target, BIG W, Typo, In Sport, and sometimes Diva. Mainly my sister loves going to Ice because she loves clothes. The most I really like to go to shop is Kmart because there are cheap stuff to buy. When my sister and me sometimes go to eat dinner at a kebab shop in Sydenham. And the kebab is yummy and tasty.

- Intan

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