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A poem about a day with my friends
9 Jul 2014
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In the fun, hot holidays, a new day begun. Morning here, night is gone. Me and my friends go to a place where we play games, we always go there cause that’s where we belong. This place is a hill, right next to channel 7. We like this place cause it fills up our melon with ideas. Rowley Street is where the hill is and the street I live in. Kevin had an idea; he went home and got a handball and told Liz and me to collect rocks and leaves and a stick, we are playing cricket. The leaves are the wickets he said. We started to play; I was 2nd batter, I hit the ball far away. I accidently hit it in the drain. I told them I can explain. After that Kevin said you owe me a handball, I said fine. I will give you one of mine.

- Marion

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