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AFL in Redfern
9 Jul 2014
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Hi my name is George and I’m from Alexandrian Park Community School. I’m George Johnson. My story is I play at Redfern Oval, that’s one of my special places to train, play football, tackle, tip. I go home before dark. My mum knows where I am, what I do. I play football and AFL for footy up at Zetland. And for footy I play for Moore Park Tigers. We train every Tuesday and every Friday. My dad used to play AFL; he was one of the best in the comp. He played fair, he played by the rules, and he didn’t cheat. He inspired me to play because I was just a bit lazy at the time. I saw football; I started to play. I saw AFL; it’s my life. I made new friends and I saw new friends come in, I saw some go out. I play footy with friends like Mat, Nick, Gabriel, Jacob, Paul, John, for football, Justin, AJ, Josh, Sebastian, Mat, Ryan, Aaron, John, another John, Kevin Dodds, AJ. I just love it; it’s my life now. I can’t get enough of it.. For AFL my favourite team is Sydney Swans. When I watch AFL the team I watch the Sydney Swans and my favourite player is Adam Goodes.

- George

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