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A Weekend In The Life Of Trinity
9 Jul 2014
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My name is Trinity Paulson Dixon and I am 11 years old and I live in Waterloo, Redfern, McEvoy Street. I got to Alex Park Community School and I am in year 6. My favourite place to go is Redfern Park because I like to play with my friends and cousins and hang out there and it is really fun. On the weekend I play basketball for Redfern All Blacks under 14’s with my friends and my cousins and we have a great time playing. We train at Sydney Uni and we have nice coaches, like Aunty Bev and Aunty Roz and there is a lot of kids that play basketball. And we have fun training and we play games.  And that’s why I like playing basketball on the weekend.

 On the weekend we played against the All Stars and we had 30 seconds on the clock and All Blacks were 25 and the All Stars were 25. So my cousin Tegan passed me the ball and I shot a three pointer and the All Blacks won. After that we went to clams chicken and had dinner then we went to the movies at Broadway and watched Grown Ups 2 and it was really funny. After the movie I stayed at my cousin house and we watched another movie called Drop Dead Fred. In the morning we had pancakes and bacon and eggs and apple juice. Later on we played hide and seek for lunch we had beef noodles and a piece of fruit. Then my Aunty dropped me off home and my cousin stayed over my house and we had chicken soup for dinner and it was really nice. In the morning my mum made us a big breakfast, we had bacon, eggs, mushroom, zucchini, onion and apple and black current juice. Before lunch we played cops and robbers and we watched grease the movie. Then my mum dropped Tegan off and I had dinner and went to bed. The next weekend my Aunty Lisa called and said Trinity would you like to come and see grease the musical with Leanne and me. “Yes Aunty Lisa” I said. Today I got a leopard print dress and we went to the Star and my aunty bought me a bear and it was called Jonny. Then we went into the theatre and we sat in the front row and it was even better then the movie. Then my Aunty dropped me off at my house and I went to bed.

- Trinity

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