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Kebabs and Slurpies
9 Jul 2014
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Hi my name is Kevin and I go to Alexandria Park Community School. The story that I am going to be doing is Brain Freeze; it’s about 7-11, where they sell slurpies. 7-11 is on King Street. My favourite flavours are blue, coke and strawberry. I like to have them with kebabs, because it’s yummy. And on the 7th of the 11th you get free slurpy. I have slurpies once a week with kebabs, which is on King Street, and then when I get home I play COD ghosts. The next day I stay home and play COD ghosts. Then the next day I go to the beach with my aunty, brother, cousins and me. I like king street because the shops there sell the best kebabs.

 When you get to Redfern Station, you think where is the escalator. There’s none, just the stairs. Because of my classes campaign there will be a lift in 2014.

- Kevin

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