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Playing footy with my mates
14 Jul 2014
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My name is John Toomey Riley and I go to Alex Park Community School. I have picked as my special place Redfern Oval, because I play footy with my mates there. We just choose a club to play with. I have been playing footy for a while, 3 years. We just muck around, play any position with my friends. I play with George, AJ, Aaron, Ryan, Mat, Jai, and Tyler. I am not the best player; the best player is Tyler because he can tackle heaps good. He’s a good fullback. My best skill at football is wing. I just like it because every time they kick the ball, it’s good. In the competition this year I made it to the semis. Got knocked out by the Balmain Woomerers. An exciting that has happened while I’ve been playing is we had a fight, a big fight. My mate got tackled, my mate tackled this fulla and they got up and just started hitting each other. It didn’t end well at the end because he went to hospital. There was all blood. They called the game off. So we lost. I was involved. One time at Redfern Oval I saw the Rabbitohs train. They were kicking the ball and getting ready to train, just warming up. They train over the whole oval. You’re not allowed in the middle of the oval while they’re training but you’re allowed at the dead ball. They fenced off the oval so no kids can play, but we still go on. We just climb over. The council put it there because the ovals getting treated.

- John

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