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14 Jul 2014
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My name is Jamie and I am 9 years old. My favourite park is Redfern Park. I used to live in Pitt Street but now I live in Maroubra. I like going to watch my uncle play footy. I like athletics because I’m fast. I came first in my 100m and 2nd in 200m and I came 4th in my finals. Running and family is everything to me. I’m a 9-year-old girl with 9 brothers and sisters but I only live with 5 of my brothers and my sisters. My favourite sport is running because ever since I was 6 years old I loved running and when I am older I want to be an athlete runner. We train at Heanly next to Eslackes and next year some teachers are going to take the kids that went to Zoone to Waterloo oval. My uncle is Nathan Merritt and he is also related to Stella, Tenayah and Ross and Adam and Shyla and he plays for South Sydney. I do 100m, 200m and I have only done 800m once and it is really tiring. I likes preventing more than long distance because it is easy for me. Next time I should go a little bit slower. I love my life and I also love my family, but it is really sad that I do not get to see my mother but I still love her.

- Jamie

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