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My Life
14 Jul 2014
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My name is Stella and I am 9 years old. I live in Redfern Waterloo and my favourite place is Redfern Park on Phillip Street and it is also next to Woollies, because the trees there are big and there’s a lot of shade. The grass on the oval is fresh, so people get to play football everyday. I used to play on the Rovers football team. I have barbeques with my family and friends at the park. We have BBQs every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. We have BBQs under a huge, green tree that me and my family climbs. I have 10 brothers and sisters, 5 brothers and 5 sisters, and I love dancing and football. I dance at St Patricks Summer Hill Dance School and I do Hip Hop. I love Waterloo and Redfern because I grew up there. My brothers and sisters names are Sadiqua, Jamarl, Dalayne, Teora, Gage, Stella, Joseph, EvanJelik, Damien and Zaylia. My favourite brother is the third oldest Gage and my favourite is my youngest sister Zaylia. They are my favourites because they are always looking out for me. So when Gage and I go to Redfern Park and if I fall over, he would help me up. We have time together when we play the PlayStation and we play Grand Theft Auto 5 and we are on 98% so we are almost finished.  I love to sing any song because I have a great voice even my friend’s thinks that I have a great voice. My birthday is the same as my cousin Adam and our birthday is 31st December so every year we go to Darling Harbour and watch the fireworks.

- Stella


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