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Waterloo Park and Community Centre
14 Jul 2014
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My name is Lachlan; I go to Redfern Oval to play at Redfern with my friends. Sometimes I go play at my friend’s house. I play the PS3 all day, everyday. Sometimes I go with Mum to Surry Hills to go shopping. When I play footy my position is wing but I don’t get the ball much. Redfern Oval has big trees, it has a fountain, and it has two parks, one for older people and one for babies. And in the older one you can play in the sprinklers. And some of the things in the park to play on are different fruits, some are oranges, some are bananas. I feel good when I go to the oval because all my friends go there. Sometimes I go with Mum and my friends. I walk to Coles because it’s down the road.

 The skate parks near the bottom of Waterloo Oval. The skate park has computers in the centre. It has a half pipe and you can grind on the edges of the half pipe. You can do jumps on the hill. You can do a back flip on the hill. I see my friends. I just go on the computers to play with my friends. I have a new friend called Jamie who is also a skater. I play on the big dirt pile in Waterloo Oval. I play tips, throwing the rocks for target practice, and I pretend to play zombies. The computers are in the Weve Centre. I talk to a worker who knows my sister. Her name is Siobhan. I talk to an art lady whose name is Grace. We eat food like ham and cheese sandwiches, donuts, chocolate, cake and toast. I draw pictures of my family.


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