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Sporty Family
14 Jul 2014
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I’m a 10-year-old girl whose favourite place is Redfern Park. I live with two younger siblings and one older, I am in the middle. Our family is more of a swimming family than a running but I was the 2nd fastest person in my old school Maroubra Bay Public. My 2nd favourite place is Alfred Park swimming pool. I’ve got brown hair, blue eyes and I weigh 40 kilos. I used to have 6 dogs, 1 cat, 10 goldfish and a pig when I was young. My favourite show when I had a TV was ABC3. My name is Kasmira

 I came first in butterfly, second in backstroke. I started swimming when I was 3 but I was up on a surfboard before I knew it. Once I got knocked out by a huge wave and got smashed and stuck under my surf board but my dad took it off me I was trapped under my surfboard for over a minute. The water was rushing over it.  When my dad rescued me I was totally freaked out but I was happy when my dad bought me a Iphone but I lost it when I moved to Sydney. I was sad when I moved away from my dad but when I came to Sydney I found out my mum was pregnant it was a boy. After we moved to Maroubra because Mascot was to polluted I went to a school called Maroubra bar public school. And then I moved here to Redfern and went to Mount Carmel Catholic School. I met a lot of people here and I now live in 106 Walker Street, 2067.

 In Redfern Park there is some big red letters that you can climb on that say “Biame” that is a God in Aboriginal. The reason I go to Redfern Park is because of a child centre called ‘Yurungi’. I go there 3 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday after school on Albert Street. I’ve only been living in Redfern for 5 months.

- Kasmira

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