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A Little Clumsy
14 Jul 2014
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My name is Jada, I don’t live around here, I live in Millers Point. I used to live in Moorhead Street, but I wasn’t born there, but my brother was. When I was born I used to live at  Elizabeth Street, across the road from Redfern Park. There’s lots of units there I went to a pre-school called Poets Corner on Morehead Street. All the kids in my family went there. It’s around the corner from Surry Hills Coles. My dad’s friend lives in the units around there. Woolworths is on Douglas Street. My pre-school has a big playground and there heaps of people around in the afternoon.

 Last year I broke my ankle. When I came to school next day everyone wanted my crutches, it was so annoying. But when the 6 weeks was up I had to go to Randwick hospital to take my cast off, we had to wait an hour to go in. When it was off it felt weird. When I got to school the same day everyone was sad that I had no crutches. In year 2 Betty and me were going to the green grass at school. We were going up the stairs and I tripped. My knee was all white. I showed Miss Duffy and she put a Band-Aid on it. I broke my ankle by going down Waterloo Park down the hill and going down the fire pole. I landed wrong. When the cast was off I was walking weirdly it hurt so bad. It hurt baldy but it was not that bad because I did not need to do much work! I had my friends and family to help me. I did not do sport, I spent my whole day on the computers, but at least I enjoyed it. My favourite sports are swimming and tennis. They are all fun and I enjoy playing them.

 I don’t want to be a doctor when I grow up, I want to be a scuba diver. I think it will be cool to see all the sea creatures. I like to go to Manly Beach.

- Jada

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