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The early years of 1882
14 Jul 2014
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My name is Elizabeth Furner Katherine Platinas Largess and I am 13 years old.

My story is set on Redfern Street Redfern and It is an early sunny Sunday at 7:15 am. This can be the usual time that I wake up in the morning. I do like the early morning as it is quiet and peaceful. The workers at the local Hotel are starting to open the doors. They do this very quietly because they don’t want everyone to wake up. I am going to meet my best friend Peppa. I made a promise to Peppa that every morning I will co me early and pick her up from her house. Today we are going to do skipping. The skipping games that we play can be with big and small ropes that we like to play with together.

I am all the way from Mexico I got here by boat. The differences in the sound is enormous as you can hear the sounds of birds singing a particular melody that I just seem to not get my head around. My favourite bird is the ‘Florer’ as it has a beautiful bright red full coat with a nice green and a tingle of turquoise.

In Redfern However there is only the sound of a bird chirping and the local church clock going. It is a different chime to the church in Mexico. There is the stench of 12 day old moist rubbish in the swamp and a faint smell of cabbage soup from the neighbours supper last night.

My dad is a woodcutter;  he collects the wood from the big Waterloo Dam. He works at the soap markets and on Saturday and Sunday he collects the wood ready for the fire.

 My family live on Botany Road and our house number is 44. Our house is made of bricks and is an olive brown colour. It is one storey high with three bedrooms one for the boys, one for the girls and one for the parents. I live with my mum, dad, 2 brothers and 2 sisters and sometimes Peppa stays at our house.

- Anika

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