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Dirty City
14 Jul 2014
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This is Freddy. He is an angel and he has no family. He is very lonely. Freddy is looking at the city to see if it is dirty. Freddy is an overseer; his job is to keep the city clean so people won’t get diseases. He sees smoke in the air from the cars that have passed by the town and he is angry because it can kill people. And it can pollute the world when people breathe, but, with his big breath he blew the smoke away and used a big broom to sweep the rubbish away. It smells like a big truck has passed by the lonely town. When he jumps down the ground shakes like an earthquake. Whenever people see him on the street they get scared and run away. That is why the street is empty and lonely in this picture. He sees the people running away and feels upset. Freddy’s friend Frank has a tiny time machine. Freddy wants to go on it but it is too small. Frank says come on over there is a new pizza shop called Dominos. Frank doesn’t know that Freddy is too big. And Freddy feels sad. A few years later Frank finds out he should go back to the past and make Freddy small again. Frank gets a sqeezer from the future and sqeezers Freddy little but one thing Frank is scared sqeezing Freddy. But it did not matter then Frank let’s Freddy go into the time machine to go to the future and they do lot’s of things together.                                                                                                           The end                                                     

- Caibe 

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