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A Letter
14 Jul 2014
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Dear Pen Pal

Hi, my name is Jill Edwards. I am 10 years old. I live in Redfern, Sydney in Australia. I live in a small house with my mother, Camilla, my father, Joe and my younger brother Alex. I am an aboriginal of Redfern and I am part of the Warimboo Tribe. My best friends name is Drew. His family lives across the road from mine. He is an only child. He is 10 as well. We play cricket on the street every saturday with all of the other kids. It is really fun.

My father works for an SP bookmaker. An SP bookmaker is someone who makes the odds much better for everyone who is placing bets. Their job is illegal, and that is where my dad comes into the picture. He takes the blame for the real bookmaker when the police come. The real bookmaker gets away with all the easy money that he doesn’t need to tell the taxman about. When my dad gets taken to jail the bookmaker has to pay for my dad  to get out of jail and then pay him for the job, but last weekend when dad got taken to  jail, the bookmaker fled and he hasn't been seen since then. That means that me and my younger brother, Alex, need to get jobs to help mum pay for dad's fine. I have to work as a lookout to earn money and I hate it. I miss out on playing cricket with all of the other kids in my street. It is so boring and I don't even understand why I need to do it, but my mum says I do and that dad will be out in no time with everyone working like this.

Anyway that is enough about me for one letter. Please write back and tell me all about you, I would love to get to know you better and for us to become friends.

From Jill 

By Eve

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