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14 Jul 2014
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There is a story behind everyone, a story of small things slowly combining into inspiration, a story of how people meet it alone… Would you share your story with us, Tim?

Tim Bishop - a man of Aboriginal background, one of those whose story is closely connected to Redfern and his community - leans against his hand looking straight through the interviewer. He lets his thoughts wander in time and travel back to the point where it all started…

A young boy steals a look at a thick ribbon of water. Every day of his life he sees it, yet it is different each time. Muddy shores, eucalyptus bowing stiffly before it, boats cutting its mirror- like surface like knives, flames of sunset and clouds bathing in waters of the Murray River. At night still waters run deep surrounded by a soft wall of trees that keeps the ancient mysteries of the river safe. A pale moon leisurely set adrift from one shore to another. The silence reigns. The darkness is cold. Every night at home, in his bedroom the boy could hear the birds migrating.

A once naive child, Tim is now a teenager at school. The drama classroom turns into a theatre in his head and Tim is a character now, not himself. This idea, of being someone else… it’s enchanting, thrilling, almost appalling. He takes risks and various paths, those he would never dare to take in real life. Tim found what he was good at. Things he was better at than other people.

Tim Bishop, now at adult, comes to Redfern to find friends who eventually become his family, giving him that sense of belonging, being part of a community. Community, which his education has eradicated . Even though he does not identify himself as Aboriginal, his background has contributed to his understanding of who he is, his identity, what he is comfortable with.


Warm and welcoming.

Inspired by this feeling, Tim Bishop with Cathy Craigie and Matthew Cook decided to respond to the negative portrait of Redfern painted in the media. This was marked by the start of Koori radio, which provides indigenous people with an opportunity to be heard and to have access to their community’s information, news and music…

It flashed in his mind in a second. Tim looked around to find himself still at the interview and started his answer to the interviewer’s question with a quote from an inspirational novel ‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy: “ Little events, ordinary things, smashed and reconstituted. Suddenly, they have become the bleached bones of my story”.


By Natalia Bogatyreva

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